Fundraise once, get paid year-round with recurring payments.

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Before we get into the numbers, there's something unique to a fundraiser that's different from ALL the other fundraisers you've done for your organization, club, or team: recurring revenue. Because when your organization sells a subscription, you get paid EVERY TIME that customer makes a payment, forever. And forever can be a long time, since junior high and high school students are in math for years and their parents consider $30/month a bargain to reduce math stress!
Compared to the pain, money, and time of hiring a traditional tutor, our site is an amazing value that practically sells itself. And that's why it's going to be so easy for your club, team, or organization to sell too!
The numbers: Our payout rate is 20% of ALL payments, which means that every time your organization makes a sale, you get 20% of the first payment as well as 20% of every payment thereafter, as long as that person is a member. Forever. So unlike the typical one-off fundraisers your group has done, where each sale is only worth $3 or $5 or $10 to your organization, each membership you sell can bring in up to $50 per year for as long as that student (or her siblings) is in school!

Getting started is easy!

Another thing that makes our program unique is how easy and quick it is to sell because it's all internet-based, so the sales and all the tracking are online and automatic. Say goodbye to weeks wasted getting permits, painting signs, setting up a booth, taking down a booth, collecting checks, submitting sales forms, and delivering products. Instead, you could be racking up sales TODAY. When you fill out the form below, you will instantly get an email with a customized referral link that you can email, tweet, text, share, put in your newsletter, and just generally spread far and wide electronically to parents and supporters of your organization. (And if setting up booths and signs is your thing, don't let us stop you!)
Whenever anyone visits our site using your link, they'll get a cookie on their computer that lets us know you brought them in. Then no matter what plan they sign up for in the next 30 days, our site will see that cookie and credit your organization for the referral. (Just remind them to sign up from the same computer or phone that they clicked the link on.)
Unsure what to do with your link? Click here for ideas on how to engage potential customers.
Your club might still do that singing telegram fundraiser on Valentine's day, just because it's a school tradition, but you won't need the money because you'll still have recurring revenue rolling in from your fundraiser the year before!

While you may begin fundraising immediately, prior to receiving your funds, you or your organization will need to submit a Federal Tax ID Number (for a non-profit) or Social Security Number (for individuals and for-profit organizations).

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