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Common Core Domain: Geometry

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Cluster Statement Standard Code Lessons
Coordinate Geometry G.CO.1-5 Basic X-Y Graphs Distance & Midpoint Formulas Transformations, Reflections, Isometry & Mapping
Reasoning and Proofs Proofs are explained throughout the various geometric chapters for their corresponding topic
Area & Volume G.GMD.1-4 Area of Rectangles and Squares Area of Triangles Area of Parallelograms & Trapezoids Area of Kites & Rhombuses (Rhombi) Area of Regular Polygons Area & Volume of Similar Figures Volume of Solids Surface Area of 3-D Shapes
Angles G.CO.6-8 Angle and Segment Bisectors Congruent Triangles--SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, H-L Parallel Lines & Transversals
Geometric Theorems G.CO.9-13 Parallelogram Theorems Trapezoids Triangle Inequalities & Side Lengths
Congruent Triangles (Refer to Angles)G.SRT.1-5 Isosceles & Equilateral Triangle Theorems, Converses & Corollaries Similar Triangles Pythagorean Theorem Congruent Triangles--SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, H-L
Triangle Ratios G.SRT.6-11 Intro to Trig - SohCahToa "Special" Triangles -- 30-60-90 & 45-45-90 Trig Proofs & Identities: 3 Tricks to Make Them Easier
Quadrilaterals G.CO.9-13 Parallelograms Rectangles, Squares, Kites & Rhombuses Trapezoids
Circles G.C.1-5 Circle Basics Area of Circles & Sectors Central & Inscribed Angles Chords of Circles Tangents of Circles Area of Circles & Sectors
Conics(Coordinate Geometry Continued) (Refer to Coordinate Geometry) G.GPE.1-7 Parabolas, Ellipses, Circles & Hyperbolas
Statistics and Probability G.SP.1-8 Lots of Probability Vocab Permutations Tricky Permutation Problems Lots of Statistics Vocab Binomial Probability Distribution Vocab Mutually Exclusive (Disjoint) Events Vocab