Raise money for your school or club!
Sell subscriptions and earn money for each one you sell

It's super easy to get started:


Open the email to get your link


Spread the word!

Sign up on our site. All you need is the name of your organization and the name and email for a contact person (the lead for your fundraiser).

Find the message sent by us It has the subject line “Welcome to ThatTutorGuy.com's Referral Program” and is sent by noreply@ositrial.com. In it, you'll find your organization's custom link

Distribute the the link from the email so that people can purchase quickly and easily online.
Share the link using: email, social media, flyers/posters, ticket or program inserts, and your website.

That's it!
As soon as people start purchasing through your link, the money starts accumulating in your account. And it's all online so there's no cash nor checks to handle, collect, and keep track of.

Why is our fundraiser the right one for you?

  • It's all about the Benjamins...we offer a great profit percentage of 40% of the selling price.
  • The product is something people actually want....you're not trying to sell schlocky stuff no one likes. Does a high school or college student want or need a scented candle? Er, no. Do they need math help? Well, duh! Actually there's no "stuff" at all. That means no shipping costs, no pickup, and no delivery!
  • The price of the product is NOT inflated just for the purpose of the fundraiser so it's actually a great deal for your customers. As opposed to, ahem, over $20 for a candle!
  • You KEEP getting paid. Wait, what was that? Yes! Because you are selling subscriptions, you actually earn money every time someone automatically renews. That means you can be earning money months or years after your initial sales push is over. Better yet, put your link somewhere permanent like your website and you can keep selling anytime throughout the year.

What are you selling? Glad you asked!

  • ThatTutorGuy.com is a leading online resource for taking the anxiety out of math-for students AND their parents! Our site provides a "virtual" tutoring experience with easy-to-find videos covering every nook and cranny of math classes from 6th grade through Calc 2 plus chemistry and physics. These stress-free videos star Chris, a Stanford graduate and long time professional tutor who has a gift for explaining math so that EVERYONE can actually understand it. And the innovative format of the videos makes it seem like he's right t with you.
  • We have two varieties of subscriptions available. Our most popular plan is the "Trial/Monthly" which starts with a $7 for 7 day trial which then converts automatically into a $30/month program. The second is our "6-Month Savings Plan" . This plan is billed as a one-time payment of $97 for the first 6 months, then monthly payments of $16 starting in month 7. Both plans can be cancelled at any time.

How many sales per student do you need for every $1000 raised? (Assumes 10 students)

3 ThatTutorGuy subscriptions

25 rolls of giftwrap

16 Cookie Dough Tubs

Ready to start earning money for your organization?

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