If you found this page, you must have been looking for ThatTutorGuy's referral & fundraising program. Unfortunately, we have decided to discontinue this program to best serve our business and our customers.
While we felt it was a good program, we get 99% of our referrals already from happy customers who are letting their friends know about us without any compensation because they really like the site and felt it helped them. Having a paid affiliate program unfortunately muddies the waters and makes everyone wonder who is being paid for their kind words and who is not, and on the internet these days, you should probably assume that any "published" opinion probably was paid for. I know I do!
On the bright side, so few people ever signed up for this program that we doubt too many people will see this explanation or be affected by its cancellation, but you are obviously an exception who proves the rule, and more power to you because you must be a go-getter as well!
If you are from a school or organization who was considering us as a fundraiser, we'll understand if you go with selling candles or specialty meats instead. But we would encourage you to spread the word about our site as well because it really has helped tens of thousands of students and it will help your friends, teammates and associates as well!
And if you mention this page, we'll be happy to set you up with a no-strings-attached trial account so you can poke around and see if it's something you feel would help someone you know.
Happy stydying,
Julie H.