Object Getting Pushed or Pulled Across Floor

Problems About Object Getting Pushed or Pulled Across Floor

This video lays out the basic strategy of how to solve F=ma problems where an object is being dragged across level ground: 1) how to draw the free body diagram and make sure you don't forget anything; 2) setting up your F=ma equations in both X and Y; 3) using substitution to solve the system of equations.

Crate Getting Pushed Across Floor by Horizontal Force (no friction)

This video covers the most basic example of an F=ma problem about things being dragged across a horizontal surface: a horizontal force pulling without friction.

Dogs Pulling Sled Across Level Ground (without friction)

This video covers an F=ma example of a dogs pulling a sled across frictionless ice. What makes this a bit harder than the previous problem is that this time the force (the dog's harness) is pulling up at an angle of 18 degrees instead of level.

Crate Pushed Across Floor by Horizontal Force (with friction)

In this F=ma example, we add friction to the situation of the box getting dragged across the floor by a horizontal force.

Crate Getting Pulled Across Floor by Angled Rope (with Friction)

This is the toughest of the "stuff getting dragged across a level surface" problems, because there are both friction and an angle of action for the force. So the angled force is lifting the box a bit, which decreases the normal force, which decreases friction.

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