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"Thx Chris....Your presentations are very understandable and to the point...with humor! I have recommended your site to my fellow classmates as well." --Patty A.
"Thank you so much!!You're my life saver!! I have a test on this tomorrow and i've been watching your videos all this weekend and they have helped me sooo much. I can only say May God bless your heart for sharing your knowledge, intelligence and talents with the world. Keep helping people like me who have always struggled with Math in their life. God bless you." --SoulRedemption1
"I just want to make sure you were aware that despite the cancelation of my subscription, I will most definitely re-subscribe next semester...if I need help. You are an awesome tutor and I will suggest you to all I know needing help." --Joseph L.
"I wanted to thank you for all the help. I hate math. I never went to lecture, never took any quizzes, and never did any homework. All I did was watch your videos and show up for the exams. And it worked! I got a B. I've told quite a few people about this site and if I ever take another math class (God forbid) I'll re-subscribe for sure. Thanks again." --Andrew P.
"The site was extremely helpful. I am a working mom who is going to college and am in my last, dreaded math class, Math for Liberal Arts. I was struggling with trigonometry. There were subtle, somewhat small pieces to the puzzle that didn’t “click” until watching the videos. Please pass on my sincere thanks for the help. I got an A on the test, and I don’t think I could have done it without the videos." --Debra P.
"This site is an invaluable resource and thank you for creating it. I have to cancel it now because I already passed the class with your help." --Lorraine K.
"And p.s., I LOVE the videos! Seriously would not be passing without the help." --Julio S.
"Does a great job at explaining the material and the videos are to the point so you can get your hw and studying done in a fashionable manner! It's a great help!" --Jeffrey D.
"I just passed the college algebra class that I needed the help with! Not to say I am a math genius or anything, but this websites video's helped me out big time! I think (and hope) I am done with math while in school, but if not i'll definitely use again." --Eric B.
""I was having a trigonometric identity crisis (waka waka waka) until I found ThatTutorguy. This online resource is best described as total awesomeness! I'm very glad to see that you have calculus because I'm fairly sure the services of ThatTutorGuy will come in handy for me again next quarter!" Michael B.
"I really liked the website, and it was better than any tutor I've ever hired. I only needed a few videos to cover a trig section in a combination course I'm taking at my university, but I will definitely love to use the site way more for chemistry! Thanks for the help :)" --Angelia P.
"Thanks to your instruction and the level of ( dont know math) I might actualy pass college algebra. thanks" --Alan B.
"after 1 year of honors trig, ap calculus and 1 year in college calculus i finally learned the unit circle haha" Fernando C.