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Meet Chris, "That Tutor Guy"
“Hi! I’m Chris and I’ll be your online video tutor. I’m a Stanford educated tutor with over 10 years of professional tutoring experience.”
“Remember, I’m a tutor, not a teacher, so lessons are focused on examples, not proofs. No lectures here, just help!”
“Membership gives you access to every course, in case you're in science and math, or you just need to review last year's class!”
“Membership covers your whole household. For younger students, watch the videos yourself so that you can help with homework.”
Welcome to the 99%!
Chris has tutored all these classes tons of times, so he knows how to explain things in ways that actually help the vast majority of students who don’t get much out of lecture.

And of course the price ain't bad either, with plans for any budget!
We know it sounds crazy, but we hear from customers all the time that Chris is fun. That's important, because the first step to doing better in math is to not hate it so much!
You know what else is fun? Getting a good test back! That's why Chris works tons of examples, showing you how to avoid the most common mistakes, and even showing you the burn questions most teachers put on tests.
Finding videos is easy!
Search is simple!
That Tutor Guy is Affordable!
Only pay $7 for 7 days worth of unlimited videos to see if we're the right fit.
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Sounds too good to be true? Ask these three people!
"Awesome videos! He certainly knows how to make math feel much simpler and easy to understand. Every penny well spent."
Josh L.
"I love you ‘That Tutor Guy’! I’m so grateful for this help. Yours is a very excellent source of math tutorship. And we really needed that. So, thank you!"
Nancy K.
"I would not have passed my Algebra 2 class without the help/videos from Chris. Thanks you so much, everything was explained and shown in an easily understandable way."
Michelle L.
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