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Online Math Classes Got You Down?

COVID UPDATE: A message from Chris, founder of ThatTutorGuy:

"Welcome and I hope this message finds you well, whether you're a long time customer or visiting for the first time due to school closures. I've spent my career tutoring other people's kids, but I'm also a dad with a couple of middle schoolers and a little guy myself, so my wife and I are having to figure out this whole 'school at home' thing right along with you, and we hope it helps us serve you even better than ever.  When I started this site in 2012, my twins were in pre-school, my youngest (little guy in the video above) wasn't even born yet, and I was still driving all over West Los Angeles tutoring folks at home. Time sure flies!  I never thought I'd be homeschooling my own kids, but hey, that's where we are in these funky times. So don't worry if your math skills are rusty or your teacher's homemade videos aren't quite cutting it or you can't *quite* remember how to solve systems of equations: we're here to help. From our home to yours: know you're in good hands and we're here to help however we can.  Thank you so much for visiting us and supporting our little business, stay safe, and fight the urge to strangle your kids (bless their little hearts!)." 

Break the monotony. Try our concise, relatively fun (fun-ish, really) math & science tutorials for middle school thru college:

Unlimited, 24/7 access for your whole household for a dollar a day.

Unfortunately, The Best Things In Life Aren’t All Free

We know it’s a bummer that our site isn’t free. Unfortunately, it costs a lot to build, run and add content to a site like this, and it’s a full-time job for multiple people (and Chris).

But we hope you’ll join the thousands before you who realize $7 ain’t bad compared to in-person tutors or wasting hours scrounging the web for every question on your homework. And we’re always happy to refund the cost of your trial if you don’t find the site a valuable resource.

The ThatTutorGuy Team