For the fastest help, check the common problems below. But if your answer isn't there, email us and whoever is on call will get back to you quick (assuming it's not the middle of the night, California time).

Sign-up Trouble:

I just paid, but my payment says "pending" and when I try to watch a video it just takes me back to the pricing page.
You are seeing this because your payment didn't go through. If you tried to pay with PayPal, it can be very difficult to figure out what happened, but chances are that if you visit your account page you will see a status of "on-hold" or "pending", both of which mean "will never happen" (if you speak PayPal). If you thought you paid with a credit card (less likely), either the card was declined by your bank, or it's possible the charge wasn't even attempted because you didn't fill out a required field during checkout.
Either way, to re-attempt your signup, visit the pricing page again, select a plan, and re-attempt checkout with a different card. If you tried to use PayPal the first time, it's best try a credit or debit card now because they're more reliable, but if you want to try PayPal again, do something a little different the second time, like using a different funding source. PayPal doesn't tell you (or us) anything about why the payment didn't go through, and we've heard from customers who have positive PayPal balances yet the payment still didn't go through, so you really never know what happened. Don't worry: if it turns out that you accidentally paid twice, we'll be more than happy to refund the extra payment, just contact us.

Technical Difficulties:

My monthly payment went through, but when I click the videos, they just take me to a signup page! First, check to make sure you're logged in. If you are logged in and this is still happening, there are a couple problems we often see:
1. Your payment might not have actually gone through. Check your account page to look at recent payments, and if you see a "failed", that means it didn't go through and you'll need to sign up again.
2. You're logging into the wrong account. Many long-time members have taken a break or two along the way, so they'll have more than one account because they didn't remember their login, changed email addresses, etc. Your payment only applies to the account it was made under, so if you know you were charged yet can't see videos, you may be logged into the wrong account. If you have an idea what email the old account might be under, try using that email to recover your password and log in that way. Or you can contact us and we'll try to track down your other account.
VIDEO TROUBLE: Our videos are hosted by Vimeo, which while smaller than Youtube is still a very large and robust video platform. If there seems to be technical glitch in the videos themselves -- whether there's an error message or just nothing there at all -- it's probably a browser problem. Restarting your browser (just quitting it and opening it again) will often fix it, but if it doesn't you should just try a different browser, whichever you're not already running: Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
If you are still having trouble and need to google something, try doing a google search along the lines of "Vimeo embedded videos not playing on [insert your operating system and browser here]".

Account Problems

I forgot my password! No worries. Beneath where you enter your username and password is a link that says "Lost your Password?" Click that and you'll get a page that will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Obviously, the email you enter must be the one that ThatTutorGuy has on file for you.
How do I cancel my membership? We make it easy and pleasant to cancel because we hope that you or a friend will come back someday if you ever get in a tough class in the future. So there is no "30-day-notice" or anything scummy like that (Gold's Gym, we're looking at you.) Just visit your account page and look for the red cancel button. Don't forget to confirm on the next page by picking an answer to the quick exit survey.
I just cancelled, but my login still works? After you cancel you won't be billed again, but your access will continue through the period you've already paid for. So if you're billed on the 10th of each month but you cancel on the 5th, your login will still work thru the 10th. If you are in fact billed again after cancelling, definitely email us, and we'll make it right.