Chris's Bio

Originally from the Midwest, Chris attended Stanford University, graduating with a BS in mechanical engineering. Finding the corporate engineering scene somewhat underwhelming (it was no Google), he found his calling in tutoring while volunteering in his spare time as a coach/mentor for a West L.A. high school robotics team. Students on the team would ask Chris questions about their homework, then they'd refer him to their friends, then their friends' friends...
By 2012, Chris had been happily employed for ten years in a career he'd barely heard of growing up in Kansas, and he was enjoying working with so many students and families. On the down side, though, Chris had become increasingly frustrated by the fact that only students from wealthy families could afford quality tutoring, and with a family of his own to support, he knew that high quality in-person tutoring was always going to be a luxury of the wealthy.
Luckily, that's when a couple of tech-savvy friends had an idea about how Chris could reach more students, even ones who could never afford good tutoring, and was born!
Chris is super psyched that the site is allowing him to help so many more students than he could before, and he's happy to have come full circle back to engineering in a fun, start-up environment. While he misses not working one-on-one with students anymore, it's great to have his evenings and weekends free to hang with the family, and he loves hearing so many wonderful comments from the site's bazillions of satisfied customers.