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A few highlights from Facebook and our inbox:

"Your videos saved me! I went back to school as an adult and had to take a math class that was started in Trig2 the problem was I had never taken trig. I might as well have been in some foreign language class. I didn't get an A, but I passed with a B-, which was just fine with me. I helped get us through COVID and homeschooling. Now, my eldest son uses it in High School." --Tanya
"Hey Chris & Team, I love this program, it has been a Godsend. I want to recommend it to some peers of mine but I want to first know if there are any perks for referring people, do I have a referral link?" --Desmond
"I just completed a 6 week Calculus II course (summer session I at Muhlenberg College). I watched almost every single video related to integration. Your videos made the material so much more understandable and relatable. I just scored a 94 on the final for an overall grade of 95. Thank you so much for the helpful tutoring for this class. I have also used your videos to help me through other classes like Gen Chem, Calculus I and other math courses in high school. Your videos are the best!" --Erin
"Just to say, my last “Modelling in Calculus” grade was 37% and my midterm today was an 82%. www.that tutor was very helpful, Thanks! --Marion
"Keep up the good work Chris. Loving it. You have refined teaching skills that allow you to communicate your talent, sharing it with others with simple explanations and from multiple angles so they have plenty of ways to learn it. Thank you so, so much." --Ricky
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU a MILLION TIMES ! ! ! My son is a 16 year old Sophomore in high school. His least favorite subject is Math. It's never come easy to him. I could literally cry. This is a GAME CHANGER for us. I just prayed this week that we'd get some help, because I didn't know how I was going to pull him through 2 1/2 more years of Math kicking and screaming and not understanding any of it, but now we don't have to struggle anymore because we've got THAT TUTOR GUY ! ! ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." --Heidi
"Firstly I wanted to say thanks for your website. You were a seriously major aid in my first two semesters for a mechanical engineering degree! (In case you were wondering I found you on Youtube)" --Lori
"I'm going back to school as an adult and going for a aerospace engineering degree and your website legit saved me from algebra all the way through calc 2. I send people your way all the time for that reason." --Justin
"Thanks for your help Chris. I got an A on my math class. I got my AA degree now." --Jose
"without you, I may not have made it through. Thanks." --Paul
"Thanks again Chris, appreciate all your help!" --Avi
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I just came back from a 2-year break from college and my calc 2 class has been really difficult so far. I have a test coming up this weekend and I just wasn't getting any of the material, barely getting the homework done, and I was really worried about this test. Your videos are AMAZING and I'm understanding everything in just the 3 days that I have had access to them." --Amy
"You helped me tremendously in undergrad! :)" --Haley
"I am a middle / high school math teacher currently teaching Algebra I, Algebra II and Trig. I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE your videos. Prior to teaching a unit, I always watch your video." --Portia
"You're the man! Thanks again." --Kyle
"Btw we love your videos. We homeschool, & I (mom) have an actuarial degree, so I’m pretty darn good at math, but your videos are still so so so helpful, especially when dealing with calc topics I haven’t used since college! - i.e. disk/washer/shell methods& you explain these topics better than I ever learned them!!" --Patty
"He helped me pass my GED test!!!!! Thanks so much!" --Brandy
"I was on your site EVERYDAY for 6 months then started the math immersion class for 6 weeks passed the class with 100 and also scored 100 on the math placement exams. I did better than Students that just came out of high school, that made me extremely proud. I owe that all to you thank you!" --Carla
"We will definitely use thattutorguy again for the other courses in the future. I personally used thattutorguy for my math, chemistry, and physics during my undergrad, and will continue coming back for my wife and daughter who will be starting some of these courses soon. I would be happy to give you a great review, considering I went from dropping out of the 9th grade to get my GED to maintaining a 3.91 for my undergrad before going to grad school. Just let me know where to write and rate the review. I have also referred you to friends and family. I definitely want you to stay in business. This program has been a life saver." --Michael
"Thank you! Your videos are very helpful, I will definitely sign back up in the future if I ever should need help again. Thank you once again!" --Nasir
"I just want to express appreciation as a parent who took math 35 years's great to watch the videos to brush up on math so I can be a resource for my son. Thanks for doing the videos. You are funny, and efficient, and that helps us get through it. Thanks." --Diane
"I just wanted to say thanks, I've been working pretty hard at my premed degree and chemistry was the only class that was causing me problems. Took a huge weight off of my shoulder and I really appreciate it." --Jody
"I just want to express appreciation as a parent who took math 35 years's great to watch the videos to brush up on math so I can be a resource for my son. Thanks for doing the videos. You are funny, and efficient, and that helps us get through it. Thanks." --Diane
"Thank You! My past few semesters have been a success because of all of the extremely helpful and clear video content you offer!" --Sara K
"Thank you for a great service! I promise I will use this again in the future!!! I passed statistics the first time because of the tutor guy!!!!!! Thank you!" --Nancy H.
"After watching a couple hours of physics videos on your site, I am absolutely furious with my physics professor! I'm a week away from my physics final and I've learned more in the last couple hours than in my entire semester of physics. Your teaching method is perfectly efficient and to the point. I REALLY regret not finding this site sooner. If this saves my grade as much as I think it will, with only a week left in the semester...I don't even know, I'd buy you dinner and a drink if I could!" --Ian
"I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that I absolutely love what you are doing! I'm a 34 year old returned to college, and an almost 20 year gap in my math education had me really anxious about how I'd perform on the Accuplacer. Your videos not only made revisiting these topics much easier than I had anticipated, but dare I say, made them fun. I not only passed the Accuplacer, but was also able to test of out a university specific math assessment related to my major. Not to mention, I reintroduced the phrase "bummer" to my vocabulary, and how can you put a price on that? But seriously, you're doing a great thing for people. Thanks again!" --Cindy R.
From a correspondence with a customer about Khan Academy: "Its just khan academy makes a lot of topics confusing especially in geometry and algebra 1 and 2. My son needs help and khan wasn't really helping and made it more confusing and due to the expenses of straight up 1 on 1 tutors. We chose your website and my son got lots of help and now he is much happier so he doesn't have to deal with all the stress for looking up everything online and finding nothing much. Khan academy is not the greatest site because it explains too slow. So, he needed help and he tried khan for a 3 months and he got nothing. But, your site is very helpful and no we are not educators but we know a lot of educators and we highly recommend to use your website instead of khan so yeah. Thank you. --P.V.
"Thanks so much for your help! Where can I go to give a good review?" --David Q.
"I also want you to know how much I benefitted from thattutorguy. I have used it for 2 classes so far and it saved my life so thank you Chris I truly appreciate you and the website. Hope you have a great weekend and even though I’d love to use the website again i am done with math for my undergrad collegiate career ! So thank you" --Christian M.
"Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU so, so much for making these videos and making them affordable and enjoyable to watch. You helped me ace my Stats class and pass my CLEP Chemistry exam!!! No need to reply but just wanted to say thank you and I would definitely write a stellar review of your website if there's somewhere to do that! I will resubscribe if I end up with any other classes that you do if I'm even a little confused! Ok, gotta get to my next class!" --K.P.
"hey these videos are great! it is extremely well organized and will for sure save my grade in Calculus 2. trying to learn calculus in my class could be compared to trying to learn french in a french class, where the teacher only spoke french and the entire textbook to learn from was written in all french. There is no simplifying or breaking down for better understanding so it is nearly impossible to learn. Thank you for ACTUALLY teaching me something." --Dante A.
"I've been an on and off user of the site since 2014(my freshman year of college), and here I am, graduating in December, still using what is, in my opinion, the absolute BEST online tutor available. I cannot say enough good things about this site. It is worth every penny I have spent using it." -- John L.
"Just wanted to say thank you for helping me understand math again. I'm a junior in college and have struggled since I started high school. Thank you for all the help, thank you for helping me transfer to a University from a community college and thank you for opening my mind to math again and giving me that confidence to believe in myself. Thank you!!!!!!!" --Sebastian G.
"I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for building this amazing site! I struggled with math prior to making my dad buy the membership, but now I can enter class with more confidence, because of you. You are able to explain things in a way that makes sense more than anyone who has ever taught me math, and I use the way you teach over the cirriculum in math a majority of the time. I talk about how helpful you have been with all my classmates and friends all the time, and my math teacher as well, you have also been recommended by her to some students, because you are a miracle worker :). Thank you for everything :)" --Zarnaab Z.
"BTW, please let it be known that this site saved my son's grade in stats. YOU'RE LIFE SAVERS...not kidding." --Christine M.
"Thx Chris....Your presentations are very understandable and to the point...with humor! I have recommended your site to my fellow classmates as well." --Patty A.
"Thank you so much!!You're my life saver!! I have a test on this tomorrow and i've been watching your videos all this weekend and they have helped me sooo much. I can only say May God bless your heart for sharing your knowledge, intelligence and talents with the world. Keep helping people like me who have always struggled with Math in their life. God bless you." --SoulRedemption1
"I just want to make sure you were aware that despite the cancelation of my subscription, I will most definitely re-subscribe next semester...if I need help. You are an awesome tutor and I will suggest you to all I know needing help." --Joseph L.
"I wanted to thank you for all the help. I hate math. I never went to lecture, never took any quizzes, and never did any homework. All I did was watch your videos and show up for the exams. And it worked! I got a B. I've told quite a few people about this site and if I ever take another math class (God forbid) I'll re-subscribe for sure. Thanks again." --Andrew P.
"The site was extremely helpful. I am a working mom who is going to college and am in my last, dreaded math class, Math for Liberal Arts. I was struggling with trigonometry. There were subtle, somewhat small pieces to the puzzle that didn’t “click” until watching the videos. Please pass on my sincere thanks for the help. I got an A on the test, and I don’t think I could have done it without the videos." --Debra P.
"This site is an invaluable resource and thank you for creating it. I have to cancel it now because I already passed the class with your help." --Lorraine K.
"And p.s., I LOVE the videos! Seriously would not be passing without the help." --Julio S.
"Does a great job at explaining the material and the videos are to the point so you can get your hw and studying done in a fashionable manner! It's a great help!" --Jeffrey D.
"I just passed the college algebra class that I needed the help with! Not to say I am a math genius or anything, but this websites video's helped me out big time! I think (and hope) I am done with math while in school, but if not i'll definitely use again." --Eric B.
""I was having a trigonometric identity crisis (waka waka waka) until I found ThatTutorguy. This online resource is best described as total awesomeness! I'm very glad to see that you have calculus because I'm fairly sure the services of ThatTutorGuy will come in handy for me again next quarter!" Michael B.
"I really liked the website, and it was better than any tutor I've ever hired. I only needed a few videos to cover a trig section in a combination course I'm taking at my university, but I will definitely love to use the site way more for chemistry! Thanks for the help :)" --Angelia P.
"Thanks to your instruction and the level of ( dont know math) I might actualy pass college algebra. thanks" --Alan B.
"after 1 year of honors trig, ap calculus and 1 year in college calculus i finally learned the unit circle haha" Fernando C.
"It’s ok but honestly thank you so much, you have helped me so much in my math. I left high school in 2005 ( wanted to start college to study childhood education) I was extremely nervous for the math placement test because I hated math and always got low scores in math. I was on your site EVERYDAY for 6 months then started the math immersion class for 6 weeks passed the class with 100 and also scored 100 on the math placement exams. I did better than Students that just came out of high school, that made me extremely proud. I owe that all to you thank you!" --Carla