Even & Odd Functions

Usually in math, the names don't make any sense. But this is an exception: "even" and "odd" refer to whether the exponents on the x's are even or odd. What a relief! There's a little more to it than that, naturally (nothing is quite that easy), but once you see how these work, it's going to be one of the easier chapters you'll see.

Even & Odd Functions In A Nutshell

This video covers the main stuff you'll need to know about even and odd functions: what they are, how to identify them based on the symmetry in a graph (y-axis symmetry and origin symmetry), and the quick ways to spot them based on their equations. The next video will be about how to "prove" or "verify" that they're even or odd "algebraically".

Using Definition of Even & Odd Functions

The more mathy (thus harder) type of even and odd function problem is when they ask you to "verify" or "prove" or "show algebraically" that a function is even, odd, or neither. This video gets you through that and shows you the typical traps that a teacher will set for you in this chapter.