Imaginary & Complex Numbers

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out that imaginary numbers ain't real, but they are complicated. Or are they?
All is not as it seems in this exciting and short chapter. If you haven't had this stuff in class yet, you're in for a treat: imaginary and complex numbers are pretty easy for most students (as you may have guessed from the short length of this chapter). In the videos below I get into taking the square roots of negative numbers, finding high exponents of "i" like i27, and rationalizing imaginary and complex denominators.

Imaginary Numbers & Square Roots of Negatives

Up to now, we weren't allowed to take the square root of negative numbers. And you still aren't. Except in this chapter, where "i" will come into your life and then hurry away just once you're getting to know him, with perhaps a quick reprise on the midterm.

Complex Numbers

When an imaginary number and a real number walk into a bar, what do you get? A complex situation. And a dumb joke. Point is that complex numbers are stuff like 3+2i and 2-2i, and in this video I get into how to multiply them, divide them, and rationalize them.