Solving Absolute Value Equations & Inequalities

Absolute value equations (and inequalities) are a weird special case that you won't need very often in your math career. But they are on the SAT and that test you've got coming up, so hey, I guess they're not totally useless. The main key, whether there's an equals or a greater than, is to split them into two equations, which I get to in depth in the videos below.

Absolute Value Equations

Absolute value equations are confusing when you see them, but they're not as bad as inequalities. Just get that absolute value alone on one side of the equations, then turn it into two separate equations as I explain in this video, and you'll never be the same.

Absolute Value Inequalities

When you replace the "=" with a "<" or ">", unfortunately absolute value problems get a lot tougher. Or at least more complicated. These are fair game on the SAT, though, so gotta respect that. And the tricks I teach in this video seem to work for most students.