Solving Square Root Equations

These are pretty self-explanatory. I would just offer the caution that one must always check for extraneous solutions whenever solving square root equations. (I'm sure that you take my advice and therefore you already always check your answers after you solve an equations. I mean, like, duh? However, on these square root equations that's actually really important because even if you do everything right, you'll still sometimes need to throw out the "extraneous" solutions. Also, be aware that in these problems, the square root of four is positive 2 only, not negative. No plus-or-minus in these!

Solving equations with only one square root

You may think that the key to solving equations with roots in them is to square away the root. And you'd be right. But there's another key too: checking your answers! That's because of the dreaded "extraneous solution", which can sap you of strength and points.

Solving equations with two square roots

The force is strong in these extraneous solutions. Plus there's all that FOILing to do. Beware: (x+2)2 does not equal x2 + 4! Gotta check it before you wreck it (the middle term, that is).