Rate-Time Word Problems

This chapter is all about your more basic, intermediate algebra word problems involving speeds and distances and the equation Rate x Time = Distance. If the videos here aren't hard enough for you, check out this later chapter for advanced algebra rate-time word problems.

Basic Rate Word Problems

The problems in this video are all "one step" problems because they just involve plugging into the rate-time equation once. Whether you're solving for time, rate or distance, if your problem only has one driver or train or whatever, this video is for you.

Tough Rate Word Problems

The examples in this video are a little tougher. Two trains headed towards each other or trying to catch up. A kayaker paddling upstream. Rates other than speed. All is covered here. If this video isn't hard enough for you, you're probably in Algebra 2 or College Algebra, and you should check out these much harder videos.