Riemann Sums & Area Approximation

Left Sum vs Right Sum vs Upper Bound vs Lower Bound

This half-hour video explains pretty much everything you need to know about these problems, then we work a few from left, right and midpoint to sort out all the crazy details of Reimann sums. The goal with these problems is to approximate the area under the curve, but if you've seen this in class, you know this will be obsolete as soon as we hit definite integrals in the next chapter.

A Few More Area Approximation Examples

We don't cover a lot of new ground in this one, just get some more practice with a couple of sticky situations, like what to do when one of your rectangles is zero height.

The Trapezoid Rule For Approximating Area Under A Curve

In this video we leave the whole left-vs-right dilemma behind us and just use a formula that's way better than any of that stuff anyway: trapezoidal approximation! And easier to use!