Centroids & Center of Mass

They're the same thing.

One-Dimensional Centroids

This video covers what to do when you're asked to find the centroid (a.k.a. center of mass) of a one-dimensional system. These questions can come in the form of a word problem about kids on a seesaw, or abstract lists of points and masses, or a diagram of masses on a number line.

Two-Dimensional Moments & Centroids

Whether your teacher just makes you find the centroid of a list of x-y coordinates and masses, or you have to find the centers of mass of strange shapes that require you to break them up into squares and rectangles, this video has you covered. Also explained are Moments, and why the heck you have to use M-x to find a y-coordinate M-y to find an X.

Centroids Using Integration

Ever wish you could use integration -- maybe even integration by parts -- to find the centroid of a 2-dimensional region in the x-y plane bounded by continuous functions of x? (crickets) That's what I thought! You're welcome!