Continuity (a.k.a. How to tell if a function is continuous)

Does Limit Exist?

This video is very short and covers material I've mentioned in other limit videos as well, but I made this a separate video because it's the #1 most confusing topic in limits, based on my experience tutoring calculus students over the years. Whether you're in AP, college, or regular, you don't want to miss this one.

Continuity (i.e. is a function continuous)

This is one of those lawyer-type questions you get into in calculus from time to time. There is a very specific definition of continuity that you have to know for your test and the AP test, and you have to know how to apply it in order to figure out if a function is continuous or not. Annoying, I know, but hey, we'll be getting confused by differentiation rules instead soon enough!