Integration By Parts

Intro to Integration By Parts

These problems are basically plug-and-chug once you get the hang of them. This first video covers most of the problems you'll see, where a power of x is multiplied by an exponential or trig function. Beware: teachers love to mess with your head by putting straightforward U-sub problems on quizzes and tests about Integration By Parts, so keep your eye out for that!

Integration By Parts: Natural Logs

This video is just for problems that have an ln in the integral, because it's such a common type of trick problem. Why are they tricky? Because often they're just U-sub problems in disguise, and the rest of the time they're the opposite of a normal Integration By Parts scenario. This video explains the difference, and how to defeat your teacher's trickery.

Advanced Integration By Parts Problems

This video covers integration of arctan, and what to do when you have an exponential multiplied by a trig function. Both are tricky, but the second is more likely to show up on your quiz or test!