Intro to Limits

The videos below introduce limits and explain how to do limit problems that are more conceptual or involve analyzing graphs. The next chapter, about solving limit problems "analytically" (i.e. without graphing), covers all the hard problems with tons of algebra, so stick around for that!

What The Heck Are Limits? (free)

We're about to find out. Big time! In this video I explain what they are, and show you the first step you'll try in almost every limit problem you ever see. I also give an overview of the types of problems we'll see in later videos, to sort of give you a heads up. Don't miss this video!

Graphically Determining Limits

These are the problems where they give you a crazy graph with lots of holes and asymptotes and weird jumps and ask you what the limit is at a few random values of x. Not sure what I'm talking about? You will when you see them. Key concepts here for the rest of the limits chapter.

Does Limit Exist?

This video is very short and covers material I've mentioned in other limit videos as well, but I made this a separate video because it's the #1 most confusing topic in limits, based on my experience tutoring calculus students over the years. Whether you're in AP, college, or regular, you don't want to miss this one.

Limits of Piecewise Functions

You probably thought (and hoped) that you'd left piecewise functions behind back in Pre-Calc, but no, here we go again. Your class or teacher might not cover these, but if you have a harder teacher you probably will. They're very similar to the graphical problems from earlier videos in this chapter, except with these they won't give you the crazy graph to analyze: you'll have to graph it yourself.