Limits of Giant Fractions (Rational Functions)

In previous videos we mostly focused on analyzing limits using graphs. Well, this is where they get harder (if you don't like endless algebra), since we'll have to learn a new trick that works for each type of limit problem below. By the time you're ready for the test, you'll be able to just look at a problem and say to yourself, "Oh, that's one of those where I have to..."

Limits of Polynomial Fractions

This video covers what to do if X is approaching a number, like 2 or 5. For polynomial problems where X is approaching infinity, check out the Limits At Infinity chapter. Also, there is a lot of factoring in this video, so if you're not a fan of factoring, check out my factoring chapter.

Limits With Roots & Radicals

As always, every problem in this video will start with trying to plug in the number and seeing if we get lucky! That won't usually work, though, at which point we'll rely on the classic algebra tricks for rationalizing denominators, which work surprisingly well on limits. (If you're not a fan of working with roots, check out the roots & radicals chapter.