Parametric Equations

Graphing Parametric Equations

In this video we'll talk about what the heck parametric equations are, how to graph them, and do a quick projectile problem since projectile equations are a "classic" parametric equation situation.

Converting Parametric Equations to Rectangular

In this video we'll go through the surprisingly simple process of switching between the two types of equations by "eliminating the parameter". We can do this in basic polynomial situations, but also when complex trig functions and identities are involved.

Converting Rectangular Equations to Parametric

Sort of a reverse of the problems in the previous video, this is actually easier than you'd think. When all else fails, just set x=t at the start of the problem and you'll have smooth sailing.

Parametric Equations of Conic Sections: Circles, Ellipses & Hyperbolas

Many teachers make you know circles. A few do ellipses. Almost none do hyperbolas. But the three equations are so similar that I thought I'd throw them all into the same video so you can get them easier by seeing how they're all the same. Gonna have to memorize these!