Average Rate of Change

What Is Rate of Change?

In this introductory video, I explain what rate of change means, and how the problems vary between the basic "rate of change" problems in algebra vs the "average rate of change of a function" problems in pre-calculus.

Rate of Change of Line Is Just Slope

In Algebra, they'll often give you problems - word problems usually - where if you distill it all down, the problem basically gives you the equation of a line and asks for the "rate of change" of some quantity. When in doubt, it's probably the slope (or whatever number is in front of a variable).

Average Rate of Change of a Function

This video covers the most common type of rate of change problem, where they give you a function and ask you to find the "average rate of change on the interval [a,b]." In other words, they want you to find the average Y value of a function between two values of x (or t or whatever the independent variable happens to be).

Rate of Change in Calculus

In case you're in Calculus and wondering how all this rate of change stuff is different now from what you remember from last year (you remember pre-calc perfectly, right?), this video is for you.