Common Core

The Short Answer:

Everyone is talking about Common Core like it's some crazy new way of teaching math, as if in the span of a few years it's going to "fix" math by "catching U.S. students up" to the "rest of the world". It's intimidating, like everyone is suddenly going to have to be some kind of math genius doing calculus proofs at the board in the 8th grade. But that's just the crazy story being pushed forward by the press.
In reality, Common Core is just the same old math that your school has always covered, except with fancy new names for stuff. Algebra 1 is still "Algebra", but Algebra 2 is now "numbers and quantities" and “functions”. Your school may switch books to one that has chapters with the right names for everything, they may even change the name of the class, but the topics are still the same. Lines are lines, variables are variables, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is still the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (that's a math joke).
Each class is still going to cover the same types of topics and problems, so That Tutor Guy has you covered. It’s your school’s job to design the math curriculum to comply with the standards. Your job, with ThatTutorGuy’s help, is to learn the topics and take the tests which won't be much different from how they were pre-CC.

For the long answer, click here About Common Core

If you'd like to search by Common Core reference number...

You can usually find the standard reference number in the margin of your textbook at the beginning of the chapter. It will be some crazy combination of letters and numbers like N.VM.6 or 7.EE.1. Just enter this number into the search box. Our videos are tagged with the standard numbers for easy reference. (in progress)

If you'd like to see our detailed indices for the standards, please visit our teacher's page, here Common Core Teacher's Page

General Study Tips:

If you haven't found them already, Chris has a great series of videos on HOW to study including how to counter math anxiety prior to a big test and the best ways to prepare. Study Tips