Equilibrium Constants & Quotients

Equilibrium Laws

In this video we'll learn how to translate a chemical equation into an equilibrium law (a.k.a. equilibrium constant) with the right fraction and exponents. We'll also see what to do about a few common exceptions you need to know, like if liquid water is one of the products or reactants, or if there is a solid on one side of the equation.

Basic Equilibrium Constant Calculations

In this video we'll look at word problems and plug numbers into the equilibrium laws we created in the last video. We'll also learn how to manipulate equilibrium constants. For example if they give you Kc for a reaction but want you to find Kc for the reverse reaction, or for double the coefficients.

Reaction Quotient

The formula for reaction quotients, Q, is surprisingly similar to equilibrium constants. The difference is that the reaction may or may not be at equilibrium when you plug the numbers in. Is it or is it not at equilibrium? That is (often) the question.