Equilibrium Tables (ICE)

Intro to ICE Equlibrium Tables

ICE table problems (Initial, Change, Equilibrium tables) come in two major types. In the first, they give you the equilibrium concentration of one of the compounds in a reaction, and you use the ICE table to find the concentrations of everything else. The other (much harder) type of problem is when they just give you the equilibrium constant, and that's when you end up with a quadratic equation and you have to do some fancy algebra.

Solubility Product -- Ksp

Remember a couple of chapters ago when we were talking about solubility rules, and we said that some stuff is "insoluble"? Yeah, that wasn't quite the full story. It turns out that even if something isn't a big fan of getting dissolved, that doesn't mean that the water won't be able to dissolve away a few atoms here and there. Using ICE tables and the solubility product (Ksp), we can figure out the molarity of the solution!