Sample Calculus Videos

What The Heck Are Limits? (free)

We're about to find out. Big time! In this video I explain what they are, and show you the first step you'll try in almost every limit problem you ever see. I also give an overview of the types of problems we'll see in later videos, to sort of give you a heads up. Don't miss this video!

Derivatives of Exponentials

Exponentials: ex, 10x, etcx... Yet another derivative formula that gets a lot more confusing after the chain rule, so take this moment of solace to learn these in a more stress-free environment.

What Is The Chain Rule? (free)

I'm not going to throw you any major calculus theory about where the chain rule comes from. That will just confuse you, and besides, I don't really know where this thing comes from. Instead, in this video I'll show you how to spot whether a problem needs the chain rule or not, because that's the crucial first step in any derivative problem. In later videos we'll get into how to actually use the chain rule in each problem type.

What The Heck Are Related Rates? (free)

If you haven't watched a lot of my other videos, this one might come as a bit of a surprise. But as someone who's tutored a LOT of related rates, I know the one thing that almost every student is confused by, so I'm going to take almost the full length of this first video to drill it into your brain. You're welcome! :)