Sample Chemistry Videos

Scientific Notation On Your Calculator (free)

You're all "I know how to do exponents on my calculator." Yet of all the students I've tutored over the years in physics and chemistry, exactly one knew what I'm about to tell you in this video. Yup, the EE button! This prevents the most common mistake students make on their calculators with scientific notation, which is getting screwed up when their calculator is better at PEMDAS than they are!

Guessing Ions From Periodic Table

"Guessing" isn't quite the right word. More like "know". Once again, this is something that you're going to have to learn by next week anyways, so might as well do it BEFORE the test so that... Well, you don't get points for learning something AFTER the test, do we.

How To Spot Ideal vs Combined Gas Law Problems

When you take the test on the gas laws, the hard part isn't going to be the plug-and-chug. The hard part is going to be figuring out which equation ("law") to plug-and-chug into. So before we get into the laws themselves, this video shows you the quick way to figure out quickly which equation you should use on each problem.