Sample College Algebra Videos

Prime Numbers, Factors & Factorization (free)

In this video I get into what prime numbers are, and how to do a prime factorization, all of which will be key when you're working on simplifying roots and fractions in later chapters. Also just two reminders: 1) one is not a prime number, since most people forget that, and 2) memorize your times tables!

Hard Factoring Problems (free)

Don't let your teacher confuse you! In this video I encourage you to forget what you know about factoring and come at it with my tried-and-true "trial and error" method, which over the years has saved many of my students from factoring oblivion.

"Working Together" Rate/Time Word Problems (free)

These super-hard word problems always involve people or machines working together to accomplish a task quicker, but in this video I show you a table trick to make them manageable. In one example, a couple of house painters - one who can paint a house in 3 days, the other 6 - work together to paint a house faster. In the others, we figure out how fast a hot and cold faucet can fill a tub.