Sample Geometry Videos

Summary of Chord Theorems (free)

There are so many chord theorems that it's hard to keep track! So I quickly introduce them all in this video in case you need to review, then the videos afterwards cover the nuances and example problems in depth. This video is also a good place to start for proofs, to give you ideas which theorems cover chords.

Tough 3-Way Venn Diagrams

This video covers Venn Diagrams where there are up to three different circles, with complements and universes and everything else that makes Venn diagrams so fun. These are pretty hard, so if you haven't seen this in class or your text book, feel free to skip this one!

Area of Sectors

These problems tend to be a lot easier than arc length because, well, sectors are boring. There aren't a lot of fancy word problems to play with. That said, there are a few tricks teachers can pull. Also, if you've got a standardized test coming up (SAT, GRE, etc.), I'll show you how to do these problems in a simple, formula-free way.