Sample Middle School Math Videos

How to Reduce Fractions (free)

There are a few different methods of reducing fractions -- prime factorization, factor trees, "pulling stuff out" -- and we'll cover them all in this video. We'll also talk about common mistakes and how to avoid them.7.NS.1, 7.NS.2, 7.NS.3

Tough 3-Way Venn Diagrams

This video covers Venn Diagrams where there are up to three different circles, with complements and universes and everything else that makes Venn diagrams so fun. These are pretty hard, so if you haven't seen this in class or your text book, feel free to skip this one!

How to Multiply Decimals (free)

This video covers all the basics of multiplying decimals, by whole numbers and by other decimals. Sometimes we'll have to put in extra zeroes, other times we'll just move the decimal around, but mostly it's just like multiplying whole numbers.