Sample Pre-Calculus Videos

Graphing Logs vs Exponentials (free)

This is the biggest confusion my tutoring students have with Logs & Exponentials -- telling log graphs apart from exponential graphs, and knowing how to graph each -- so this video will probably help you too! (Hint: it will involve vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes, and which goes with what.)

Intro to "Library Function" Graphs (a.k.a. "Parent Functions"): square roots, parabolas, cubics, etc

(click for printable PDF LIBRARY FUNCTIONS CHART)
Free Library Functions Chart PDF 

"Working Together" Rate/Time Word Problems (free)

These super-hard word problems always involve people or machines working together to accomplish a task quicker, but in this video I show you a table trick to make them manageable. In one example, a couple of house painters - one who can paint a house in 3 days, the other 6 - work together to paint a house faster. In the others, we figure out how fast a hot and cold faucet can fill a tub.