Sample Statistics Videos

Levels of Measurement (Ratio, Interval, Ordinal, Nominal)

These don't make a whole lot of sense when you first learn them, but after this video you'll hopefully see that if you understand the ratio level first, the others fall into place.

Z-Score Rule For Outliers

In stats they give you lots of different criteria for when a data point or measurement is "out there" enough to ignore (I meant "to call it an outlier so it's okay to ignore it"). This video considers yet another: z-scores!

Calculating Dependent & Conditional Probabilities

This chapter covers problems where you're supposed to find the probability of one thing "given" something else. Definitely check out the contingency tables videos because they are your best friend for dependent probability problems in statistics. Even if it's a word problem, cook up your own contingency table, it's safer than plug-and-chug!