Gas Laws

How To Spot Ideal vs Combined Gas Law Problems

When you take the test on the gas laws, the hard part isn't going to be the plug-and-chug. The hard part is going to be figuring out which equation ("law") to plug-and-chug into. So before we get into the laws themselves, this video shows you the quick way to figure out quickly which equation you should use on each problem.

Combined Gas Law

I know the chapter listing said we'd cover Boyle's Law, Charles' Law and Gay-Lussac's Law. But the truth is you don't need those because the Combined Gas Law is based on them (they're what it's "combining"), thus it can be used for every problem those other laws can be used for using the simple method I demonstrate in this video.

Ideal Gas Law

Let's face it, PV=nRT. 'nuf said.

STP Gas Problems

From now on you should associate the letters STP with the conversion factor 22.4 liters per mole, a shortcut for ideal gas law problems that take place at "standard temperature and pressure" (STP).