Area of Kites & Rhombuses (Rhombi)

Area of Kites

Kites don't look much like rhombuses (unless you rotate them so they're sitting on one side), yet the area formula is the same, and so are the tricks. Just like with rhombi, in this video I'll use SohCahToa and special triangles to work each kite area problem two ways: one time using triangles, and a second time using the area you probably won't remember when really need it, A = ½ d1d2.

Area of Rhombi (Rhombuses)

Are rhombuses kites or parallelograms? That is the question. When resting on one side, rhombi look like parallelograms, and you should probably use A=bh to find the area. On the other hand, when a rhombus is vertical, it looks more like a kite and you may prefer to use A = ½ d1d2. Whichever method you prefer, I'll show you how to use the other one as well, since teachers have a habit of forcing you to do what you don't like.

Proof of Rhombus & Kite Area Formula

You don't need to watch this video unless you have a seriously hard teacher. Or you just don't get where the heck that funky A = ½ d1d2 formula came from.