Area of Rectangles and Squares

What Are Units of Area?

This may seem like a simple question. But besides knowing that there are such things as square feet and square meters, it's also very important to know why that word "square" is in there. Know that, and the other tips in this video, and area problems get a lot easier.

How to Convert Units of Area

The biggest trick teachers pull in area problems is trying to mess you up with units. Sometimes they're not even trying, it just happens. They'll give you the size of a room in feet, but then the measurements of the tiles to fill it in inches. At the very least, you've got to know how to convert them, but that's not as easy as you may think.

Areas of Rectangles & Squares

You probably think the formula for area of squares and rectangles -- A = bh -- is pretty easy. And you'd be right. But this video also covers the weirder problems your teacher might ask you, like solving for x when they give you area, area of rectangles on a coordinate system (x-y axes), and how to know which side is the "base" and which is the "height".

Rectangle Area Word Problems

By request, rectangle area word problems! Yeah, these are the good stuff, carefully designed to show you the kinds of tricks teachers pull. There's questions about: how much paint to cover a room; how many tiles to cover a floor; it's awesome.