Parallelogram Theorems

This video gives you a quick intro to the various parallelogram (or parallelagram) theorems you might need for proofs: opposite angles and sides are congruent; adjacent angles are supplementary; diagonals bisect each other... And so much more!

Parallelogram Problems

This video shows you the most common types of problems you'll see for parallelogram (or parallelagram), and shows you how to solve them. Solving for missing angles and side lengths, solving for X, etc.

Parallelograms in X-Y

This video covers one specific type of parallelogram (or parallagram) problem that is covered in every class. If you're in honors, you'll probably have to be able to do all of these, even the hard ones.

Parallelogram Proofs

Proofs! Usually you're being asked to prove that something is a parallelogram (or parallelagram), other times you're given a parallelogram and asked to prove something about it. In this video we do both, including the proof that opposite angles of a parallelogram are congruent.