Rectangles, Squares, Kites & Rhombuses

Summary of Rectangles vs Squares vs Rhombuses vs Kites

It's pretty easy to keep the major stuff straight, things like that rhombuses are parallelograms with 4 equal sides. But whose diagonals are perpendicular and whose bisect? It's all boiled down into a quick review in this short video.

Rhombus Theorems, Problems & Proofs

This video focuses only on rhombuses (rhombusi) because -- as you already know -- rhombuses are so cool that they deserve their own video and then some! Problems, theorems, proofs, fantastic.

Rectangles & Squares

You probably think you already know everything you could ever need to know about rectangles and squares from elementary school. And you're right. But this being geometry class, they always find a way to come up with some theorems, however pointless, so that's what this video is about.

Kite Theorems, Problems & Proofs

Kites, if you've never heard of them (because your class doesn't cover them), are kite-shaped. And if you haven't heard of them, it's probably because your class doesn't cover them, so you can skip this video. For the rest of you, sit back and relax as we check out a few obscure kite theorems.