Trapezoid Theorems & Problems

This video covers the theorems and problems you'll see for trapezoids. Most of them are about isosceles trapezoids because that's mostly what you'll ever see in class and on admissions tests, but the video also covers the couple of curve balls you should be on the lookout for.

Trapezoid Proofs

When it comes to trapezoid proofs, they're almost always about isosceles trapezoids because otherwise there's nothing trapezoid-specific about them: you'd just end up using parallel line theorems. So this video just covers isosceles trapezoids as well.

Areas of Trapezoids

This video covers basic trapezoids, of course, but more importantly it covers the problems that aren't quite so plug-and-chug. Isosceles trapezoids, for example, are trick questions used by most teachers because they force you to be able to split the trapezoid into right triangles that require SohCahToa or special triangles to find the height. Another common trick: funky trapezoids turned up on their end so that they don't even look like trapezoids.