Volume of Solids

Converting Volume Units

This video covers the basic units of volume, as well as how to do conversions between them. Also covered are the most common mistake that students make when converting units of volume, which is to use the metric prefixes! If you need ultra-advanced unit conversions, check out the unit conversion videos from chemistry.

Volume of Prisms

This video covers how to find the volume of prisms -- both right prisms and oblique prisms -- including word problems. It also explains some of the common tricks teachers throw at you, like how to find the volume of a pool, where things are not all that they seem.

Volume of Cylinders

Cylinders are basically just prisms with circular bases. So we'll skip through the easy problems pretty quick in order to focus on the tricky ones you may see, like cylinders inscribed in spheres, problems where the cylinder is a hole in a cube, and so much more!

Volume of Pyramids & Cones

This video covers all the basics of these problems, then gets into the funkier problems such as: volume of pyramids with square and hexagonal bases, cones inscribed in cylinders, using special triangles to find the height, and so much more.

Volume of Spheres

Spheres are kind of all the same -- they're all round. So most of the problems we'll look at in this video cover the more exotic type of questions you can get with spheres, like: spheres inscribed in cylinders, the volume of igloos and scuba tanks, and estimating weight using density.

Volume Word Problems

The previous videos on volume have had lots of word problems, but since we keep getting emails about word problems, this video has even more! Cylinders, density, pipes, spheres, cones, the cost of gravel...