Intro to Acids & Bases

Names of Acids

On the bright side, acids are easy to spot because they all start with H and end with "acid". However, the names are kind of weird other than that: -ic, -ous, hydro-... This video covers the rules for all that so you can ace your acid naming quiz.

The Hydronium Ion

Honestly, when I was in school, my teacher never used the word "hydronium ion", so when I first heard a student tell me such a thing existed, I thought he was all wet. Turns out pretty much every book covers it, and my teacher was the exception. So here you go: the vocab word that launched the shortest video on the site!

Arrhenius vs Bronsted-Lowry vs Lewis

The three historical "definitions of acids and bases" which you'll probably have to know for your test. Spoiler alert: even after memorizing these, you're still going to be spotting acids and bases the same way you always have: H+ means acid, OH- means base (usually).

Conjugate Acids & Bases

I hate to say it, but this chapter we're going 3-for-3 on videos that cover stuff you'll see on the chapter test and then never use again. In this particular installment, we'll learn how to identify and label conjugate acid-base pairs in a reaction.