Intro to Gases

Kinetic-Molecular Theory (KMT)

Throughout this course we've been talking about how gas is a bunch of bouncy little balls that go crashing into each other. I call it a mosh pit, the official name is Kinetic-Molecular theory, but both describe a situation which is the basis of all the gas laws to follow.

Units of Pressure, Volume & Density

This video explains what pressure is and how to calculate it, and it explains why "millimeters mercury" is a reasonable unit of pressure. We'll also cover how to convert between all the crazy units of pressure, including torr, mm Hg, Pascals (Pa), kPa, psi, and atmospheres (atm).

Molar Volume & Density

This video is for a very specific type of problem which some teachers use, which takes advantage of the fact that at STP, one mole of any gas will occupy 22.4 liters. This is a good skill to have, even if your teacher doesn't put "molar density" in the syllabus.