Intro to Redox & Oxidation Numbers

What The Heck Is Redox

One of the hardest things about the redox chapter is that your teacher just jumps into talking about OIL RIG, oxidation, reduction, etc. without ever giving an overview of why the heck you're even talking about this stuff. So in this video I'll explain the "why" as well as the "what" of redox chapter problems that we'll cover in depth in later videos.

Oxidation Numbers of Covalent Molecules

Oxidation numbers are sort of like the charge on an ion, except for covalent compounds instead of ionic compounds. In this video I take you through the rules for assigning oxidation numbers, and I work lots of examples since this is definitely one of those topics where it's better to show examples than to talk about the theory too long.

Oxidation Numbers of Ions & Ionic Compounds

Assigning oxidation numbers to ionic compounds is very similar to assigning oxidation numbers to covalent molecules, so if you haven't watched that video, watch it first.