Naming Compounds

Naming Covalent Compounds

This video has all the rules and numerical prefixes you'll need to name molecular compounds, as well as the tricks for coming up with the formulas when they give you the name. Also covered are a couple important mistakes to avoid with these!

Naming & Balancing Ionic Compounds

These are more complicated than naming covalent (molecular) compounds. You have to know your polyatomic ions, and you have to know the charge of your mono-atomic ions (click here for review), and you have to know how to "balance" the formula so that it's net charge is zero. Yay, another way to lose points the rest of the year.

Names of Acids

On the bright side, acids are easy to spot because they all start with H and end with "acid". However, the names are kind of weird other than that: -ic, -ous, hydro-... This video covers the rules for all that so you can ace your acid naming quiz.

Common Compounds You Must Memorize

Ever accidentally call H2O "dihydrogen oxide" or wonder why everyone else in your class seem to know the significance of "graphite" and "mother eats peanut butter"? Behold.