Analyzing Graphs of Acceleration, Velocity & Position

Analyzing Graphs of Acceleration, Velocity & Position

This video explains how to do a bunch of different one-dimensional problems that all revolve around being able to look at a graph of acceleration, velocity or position versus time and figure something out. Sometimes you'll be using the slope of the velocity graph to estimate acceleration. Other times you'll be using area under the velocity curve to calculate position. Lots of fun, including multiple choice questions you'd see on AP test!

Approximating Average Velocity & Acceleration From A Graph

Average velocity comes up in a few different chapters of physics usually. This time we'll be calculating average velocity and acceleration by looking at graphs of velocity and position vs time.

Drawing Graphs of Acceleration, Velocity & Position

In the previous videos we've been analyzing graphs that are given to us. In this video, we'll do the other type of problem, where they give you one graph (like velocity) and ask you to sketch either acceleration or position graphs based on it. Not every class covers this, but if your class is "calculus based" you're likely to be responsible for this.