Basic F=ma Problems

Basic F=ma Word Problems

This video covers the most basic type of force problems, where they ask you to solve for either mass, force, or acceleration and then give you the other two so that you can plug-and-chug through the F=ma formula. They often make you do a bit of kinematics in these problems, usually to solve for acceleration prior to F=ma.

Gravity On Other Planets Force Problems

There has never been a physics student who didn't get at least one "gravity on the moon" problem in the forces chapter. Sometimes they give you the mass of an object on earth then ask how much it would weigh on the moon (or Mars) (or Jupiter). Other times they give you the weight on the moon (or Mars) (or Jupiter) and ask you how much it would weigh on Earth. Either way, not too bad.

2D Net Force Problems

This video lays out how to combine several force vectors into a single "net force" vector. It's the same thing you've done before with vectors, where you have to break them into components and then combine X's with X's and Y's with Y's.