Force Problems About Objects Hanging From Angled Ropes

Intro to Force Problems About Objects Hanging From Ropes

This video quickly outlines what we'll be doing in these "find the tension in the one or more ropes something is hanging from" problems: set up the free body diagram, write your net force equations, and solve!

Find Tension When Mass Hangs From Single Rope

This video just covers what to do for one type of problem: finding the tension when a mass hanging from a single rope.

Find Tension When Mass Hangs From Two Symmetrical Ropes

This video covers what to do when a mass is hanging from two angled ropes which are symmetrical, i.e. the ropes are each at the same angle to the ceiling, thus the tensions will be the same.

Find Tension When Mass Hangs From Ropes At Different Angles

This video covers how to solve for the tension in the two ropes suspending a mass if the ropes are at different angles.

Trick Question: Find Tension When One Rope Is Vertical

This video covers a trick that you'll usually see some version of in your physics class. In a nutshell: when one rope is vertical, the other gives you some interesting numbers.

Find Tension In Ropes Suspending Mass Between Two Walls

This video covers when a mass is suspended in the middle of a rope that's strung between two walls. Notable because you can get an infinite tension in the rope.

Find Angle of Pendulum Hanging In Accelerating Boat

In most of the "stuff hanging from ropes" problems, acceleration is zero, which makes the math pretty simple. But in this one, the boat is accelerating sideways (other variations may include a bus or truck), so the angle of the rope is caused by acceleration.