Moment of Inertia

What Is Moment of Inertia (I)

This video explains what moment of inertia means, what it's for, and the factors that contribute to whether than object has a high or low moment of inertia. Also explained: the difference between mass (m) and moment of inertia (I).

Calculating Moment of Inertia

This video explains the nitty gritty of how to use the various formulas to calculate moment of inertia of various shapes. Sometimes it can be confusing, especially when you're given two very similar looking formulas - such as for a sold sphere vs a hollow one - so it's important to do a few examples and explain when to be careful.

Parallel Axis Theorem

This is a topic that will get mentioned in pretty much every physics course but not all teachers will ever make you use it. The Parallel Axis Theorem allows you to calculate the moment of inertia if an object is rotated about an axis that doesn't go through its center of mass.