Power In Physics

Intro to Power (Power vs Force vs Work)

This video gives you an overview of power that you'll definitely want before you tackle these problems. Besides explaining common misconceptions and preparing you for multiple choice questions about power, it also explains how to approach word problems about power, work, and kinetic energy.

Light Bulb Power (and Why Edison Bulbs Suck)

This video isn't necessary for your physics class, but if you're a big fan of Edison-style light bulbs (pictured to the right), you might want to see this considering how those bulbs are taking over our houses, coffee shops and restaurants! (Hint: not good from a physics and efficiency standpoint.)

Power Calculation Examples (& Efficiency)

If you only watch one power video, I'd actually recommend the intro video above this one. But if you're in a rush and jamming through homework, I guess you might as well stop here. Besides calculating power in a bunch of situations, it also addresses the topic of efficiency, which is a common part b of power problems. If you make it to the last problem, which is a doozy, you also learn a bit about max power and the relationship between power and velocity.

Power & Energy Unit Conversions

If you're already a master of dimensional analysis & unit conversions, then you can probably don't need this video. But since some older/British units of energy and power can be kind of crazy looking, if you have a book or professor who doesn't stick to SI units, this video should give you some confidence in wading through the mess of conversion factors in the back cover of your textbook.